Ergonomics Training

Our ergonomics training program get the customer's highly recognized. This project can help customers to meet ergonomics‘ main ergonomic risk factors, how to identify risk factors and determine the risk level, understanding for ergonomic risk control measures, and various assessment tools and when to use the assessment tool. In addition, the training can let customers to learn how to use the DMAIC process (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) to manage ergonomics project, and how to control the change of ergonomic part of the administrator as risk management.

We can help customers develop customized ergonomics curriculum, and provide the corresponding capacity building training and field demonstration.   
Training objects Course Time
Office The office personnel awareness training 2-4hours
Shop operator  ergonomics awareness training 2-4hours
Manual material handling Material handling people died as a result of training 2-4hours
Hand work post For ergonomics awareness training 2-4hours
Professional development courses for ergonomics ergonomic principle&ergonomic engineering 2-3days

2 Days Fundamental Ergonomics
November 17 ~ 18, Guangzhou