Laboratory Ergonomics

A mismatch between laboratory employees and their work environment will increase chances of having them get injured together with lowered productivity. Ergonomics can help to harmonize the interactions. Laboratory environment has its special characteristics in term of the tasks, work organization, tools and equipment used and employees’ skills and education background.
Ergotechs has extensive experience in ergonomics applications in various laboratory environments. We can help you with a complete ergonomics program and/or various elemental activities that complement your safety program.

Examples of our service include: (1) assist in the establishment of ergonomics team/committee and provide needed ergonomics training to the members so that they can tackle problems and identify solutions for your organization, (2) provide ergonomics training to the laboratory employees so that they can recognize signs and symptoms of work-related musculoskeletal disorders and possible contributing factors in their jobs, (3) assist in the design and/or design modification of laboratory jobs (work/rest schedules, job rotations), and workstations (e.g.: dimension/layout of laboratory benches, biological safety cabinets etc.), (4) provide ergonomics opinions on laboratory tools and equipment (such as microscopes, pipetting and bench chairs etc.), (5) conduct individual job evaluations on laboratory work to identify issues and provide solution suggestions, (6) review your laboratory work processes and procedures to ensure they are in-line with contemporary ergonomics principles, (7) assist you with the lean manufacturing transition/application in your laboratory with an ergonomics focus, and (8) help you to develop specific ergonomics checklist that matches the types of your laboratory work and equipment/tools used so that you can perform ergonomics routine checks.
Our service will be aligned with your organization’s mission and goals to help you achieve the highest total productivity with improved work efficiency, bettered workplace safety and increased employee satisfaction.