Office Ergonomics

Office Computer Workstation Ergonomic& Solutions
How to reduce the office workers of all sorts of occupational diseases, and set up a reasonable and efficient, the work platform for the institutions with human physiology, our consultants can offer you the in field demonstration.Our office staff person for ergonomic risk levels can be divided into low, medium and higher level 3, after determine the level of risk level for the customer, we provide customers with practical improvement method, make every employee work platform can make corresponding adjustments according to ergonomics way.Our office are workbench for ergonomics solution especially for discomfort employees (such as hand/wrist pain, neck pain, back pain, etc.) to provide great help, and have a body damage ability to build a more relaxed, comfortable working platform.

 We can help your company:
 • Identify computer workstation & laptop ergonomic risk factors and;
 • provide corrective recommendation and adjustment solutions to office employees as well as ergo awareness training;
 • Build up ergonomic complaining investigation and solutions process;