Identify ergonomic problems
Build up ergo inventory
  Prioritize ergo risk factors through qualitative assessment.
Evaluate ergo risks through qualitative assessment.
Summarize ergo risks.
  Identify ergo cause and effects;
Cause and effects checklist
  Develop action plan.
Ergo engineering  .
New ergo solutions checklist
Employee feedbacks.
  Awareness training.
Professional ergo evaluator training.
Continuous improvement with review.
Force is resistance that a homework personnel in the implementation of the tasks have to overcome. Such as employee to lift, push and pull, handling, grasping, knead to take such action, arms and hands to applied the force .The greater the resistance, employees need to exert force in motion. According to the body structure, the greater the resistance will cause a greater risk of musculoskeletal disease.
Posture refers to the employee's body position, static posture refers to the employees to keep the same position for a period of time. Awkward posture (not the median) would cause the loss of muscle strength, connective tissue tension increased, the blood circulation, increased fatigue. If employees in daily work need to keep uncomfortable position for a long time, such as upper limbs excessive stretching, neck bending and crouch position, etc. It will increase the employee's work load and level of fatigue, reduce the work efficiency, and increase the risk of suffering from occupational diseases.
In daily work, employees need to be kept the same action or activity, we call this situation repeated. Long time and high frequency repetition of a particular action will cause the employees local muscle excessive consumption. If cannot receive timely rest, it would causes the muscles and bones fatigue increases, thereby increasing the risk of musculoskeletal bone disease.
When a soft tissue part of the body under concentrated pressure will form a contact stress. Oppressive nerve and blood vessels can lead to poor blood circulation or discomfort and fatigue. Such as tool handle sharp edges of formation pressure. When the soft tissue under in the oversize contact stress, may cause employees to poor blood flow, and cause permanent damage body in serious.
When employees are stay in a vibration of the platform, the vibration of the equipment will be delivered via limbs to body parts, form a whole body vibration. Risk of exposure to vibration common in the vehicle, long time exposure may cause discomfort in his back.